Create a practical, portable, realistic daily meditation practice

Less Stress

66% say they felt less stress or had improved stress-management with meditation in the workplace.

More Focus

The average attention span is now 8 seconds. 60% report increased focus and better decision-making skills.


46% reported increased innovation and creativity.  Steve Jobs’ best ideas are credited to meditation.

How to start

An initial interview is conducted to assess your goals, and custom plan options to best meet your  budget.

Meditation is very simple. Jan also makes it easy.

Meditation and mindfulness have been shown to improve one’s health, lower reactions to stress,  strengthen resilience, and improve one’s over all sense of well-being.

Sitting still and focusing is very simple, but it is not always easy. There are stages as one meditates over the years. Jan has been meditating for 33 years and can help a person navigate obstacles that may arise, whether they are external or internal.

There are a number of different packages, depending upon the needs of the client.

Focus here and now.
Every mind needs mindfulness.

Daily meditation allows us to stay mindful through our busy days.  We are able to increase our ability to concentrate, more easily feel compassion, effectively manage pain, and so much more. Developing a daily meditation practice can make all the difference.  Jan can help you do that.

Move Forward With Focus and Strength

Jan has over 35 years of professional experience, 33 years of meditation training. She is a graduate of New York University, an author, and speaker.  Jan is a licensed clinical social worker, and is known as an activist and as an early adapter in the world of meditation.

Jan has helped people work on their outer lives and their inner environments for decades. Jan’s first book, Sitting Still: Meditation as the Secret Weapon of Activism has received national recognition. Jan uses proven scientific research to teach the practical techniques to unlock your full potential. 

Jane Bidwell, MSW, LMSW
Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher, Social Worker

Join the Revolution

Now is the ideal time to introduce this age-old practice. You can balance all aspects of your life by finding steadiness and calm inside.  

The big impact of daily meditation

Daily meditation mindfulness training increases emotional intelligence, pain control, and a steady sense of well-being. Studies at all over the world have shown that after just eight weeks of training there is a significant increase in brain grey matter concentration in areas associated with sustained attention, emotional regulation and perspective taking.

Tactical Mindfulness is about discerning what will help in the present moment, and what is a stressful distraction that can be set aside.

Daily Meditation Is A Gift You Can Give Yourself

We want to help  you create a practical, portable, realistic daily meditation practice that will allow you to easily be mindful throughout your days.


We start where you are in your desire to set up a daily practice.


We walk you through each step of meditation, using your enviroment and schedule as a frame.

Ongoing Support

We stay as actively engaged as you like to ensure ongoing commitment and alignment to your goals.

About us

Our mission is to  teach clients how to  be tactically mindful by meditating daily.​

Our mission

We train people to improve their health, focus, productivity, and mental health through tactical mindfulness training.