Neuroscience now shows treatment and recovery are greatly assisted through meditation and mindfulness.

Daily meditation can make all the difference.

Meditation and mindfulness exercises can enhance a complementary medicine program. While meditation and mindfulness are not magic bullets, the science is clear that meditation can be enormously helpful in: improving pain tolerance, lowering cortisol levels, lessening anxiety and depression, improving cardiac health, increasing focus, adapting to end-of-life medical conditions, and so much more. 

In addition, meditation and mindfulness can “help the helpers” increase the quality of their self-care, so that they can continue to face this difficult work without burning out or callousing over.

As a clinical social worker, Jan can work directly with your client populations, or train your staff in meditation and mindfulness techniques. 

Meditation has proven medical benefits

Move Forward with Focus and Strength

We are a consulting firm that helps individuals, corporations, and medical professionals,  meet their goals and improve their outcomes.

With over 35 years of professional experience, 33 years of mediation training, and as a graduate of New York University, author and speaker Jan Bidwell, LMSW, is a recognized leader in the world of meditation. 

Jan has helped people work on their outer lives and their inner environments for decades. Jan’s first book, Sitting Still: Meditation as the Secret Weapon of Activism has received national recognition. Jan uses proven scientific research findings to teach practical techniques that can help your patients manage their health and well-being.    

Jan Bidwell, MSW, LMSW
Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher, Social Worker

About us

Our mission is to  teach clients how to  be tactically mindful by meditating daily.​

Our mission

We train people to improve their health, focus, productivity, and mental health through tactical mindfulness training.