Our mission is to teach clients tactical mindfulness through daily meditation.

Move Forward With Focus and Strength

We are a consulting firm that helps individuals, corporations, and medical professionals increase their productivity and creativity in every aspect of life.

Jan has over 35 years of professional experience, 33 years of meditation training. She is a graduate of New York University, an author, and speaker.  Jan is a licensed clinical social worker, and is known as an activist and as an early adapter in the world of meditation.

Jan has helped people work on their outer lives and their inner environments for decades. Jan’s first book, Sitting Still: Meditation as the Secret Weapon of Activism has received national recognition. Jan uses proven scientific research to teach the practical techniques to unlock your full potential. 

Jan Bidwell, MSW, LMSW
Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher, Social Worker

Focus here and now.
Every mind needs mindfulness.

Learn to
in each moment.

Jan works with people to be attentive and focused, enhancing their ability to be resilient, relaxed, and to reduce their level of stress.

In our culture people take good care of their bodies, eat three times a day, bathe, exercise, and go to the doctor. 

Yet, we do not strengthen or train our brain in a consistent way. Without regular exercise of the brain, the mind becomes less able to handle stress, exert will power, or maintain memory. Science now shows mindfulness training  provides all of these benefits, and many more. 

I can teach you to train your brain, and increase your sense of well-being, through daily meditation.

About us

Our mission is to  teach clients how to  be tactically mindful by meditating daily.​

Our mission

We train people to improve their health, focus, productivity, and mental health through tactical mindfulness training.